KIMYA DENİZ DIS TICARET A. S. has a long history on the Turkish market. It’s an independent company which specializes in representing exclusively for Turkey leading producers of chemical products and solvents and to provide them its professional services.

The company also specializes in trading various chemical products, solvents and its derivatives which are purchased from Ukraine, Russia, China, India and sold to Turkey and various mediterranean countries..

The group also trades various ores which are purchased from various mines located in Turkey and directly exported to the Far East.

The shareholders of KIMYA DENİZ DIS TICARET A. S. are also shareholders in the company KASTAMONU MADENCILIK A. S. which has an important mine exploration in Kastamonu, located in the middle northern region of Turkey.

TEL: 90 212 252 76 50 (PBX)
FAX: 90 212 252 76 56
ADDRESS: Kimya Deniz Dis Ticaret A. S., Karakoy, Kemeralti Cad. No. 6/4, 34425 ISTANBUL